Chiropractors To Order Cervical X-Ray Mensuration


All that is required is for you to send us 2 x-rays – the flexion and extension views of either the neck or low back or both.

Payment is required at the time the order is placed and you can create a login account for yourself or firm, then remit payment and then upload the x-rays. 

Each flexion/extension set of x-rays (2) = one $99 order.

NOTICE: If we have to call you for a correction of data or omission of data, there will be a $35 up charge. Please simply submit all of the data requested and do not confuse the dates of x-ray with dates of accident or dates of patient birth. It is not difficult for whoever enters the data if you just give it your attention and enter the data as it is required. Thank you.

You will upload your X-Ray(s) on the confirmation page for your order once you complete your purchase for the X-Ray Upload. Do not finish until your x-rays have been sent to us using that form

If you need assistance uploading x-rays, click here to review THE X-RAY UPLOAD ASSISTANT
Also located at the bottom of the website page.


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