X-Ray Cervical OR Lumbar Upload

All that is required is for you to send us 2 x-rays – the flexion and extension views of either the neck or low back or both.

Payment is required at the time the order is placed and you can create a login account for yourself or firm, then remit payment and then upload the x-rays. 

Each flexion/extension set of x-rays (2) = one $99 order.

You will upload your X-Ray(s) on the confirmation page for your order once you complete your purchase for the X-Ray Upload. Do not finish until your x-rays have been sent to us using that form

If you need assistance uploading x-rays, click here to review THE X-RAY UPLOAD ASSISTANT
Also located at the bottom of the website page.

Select your X-Ray Upload Option:

Cervical UploadCervical X-Ray Upload

Lumbar UploadLumbar X-Ray Upload

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