Electronic Medical Record System

Zeus is the only Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System of its kind programmed with semantic technology “Haptic-Logic” to think on its own. It was created to adjunct EMR’s for specific use only on Bodily Injury Claims. 

Zeus is in a rare class of “Decision Support System” (DSS) software’s  and can make up to 600 medical decisions, determinations and calculations that standard EMR’s cannot perform. 

Zeus Is Unprecedented

Precedent was set at a State Supreme Court where this system was used to help overturn the “Verbal Threshold” imposed to limit law suits for bodily injury! 

After years of development and Beta testing, Zeus is an expert Bodily Injury guidance formulator that enhances physician’s core competence in assessing Bodily Injury Claims. The human mind can’t do what Zeus EMR does to meet the evidentiary burdens of proof requirements and expand the personal injury portion of the bodily injury practice.

Cloud Features

At the conclusion of patient assessment, simply click the Zeus function key to transmit your file to administrators and plaintiff’s attorneys via the cloud. There is no longer a need for a paper trail or narrative reporting. Attorneys embrace this time saving feature and are choosing to work with doctors who utilize Zeus over rival physicians.

Sanctioned Training

Zeus bodily injury training is sanctioned by the continuing education council for CEU Credits. At our training, we certify physicians in the seven (7) major bodily injuries, loss of functions and whole body impairments associated with motor vehicle accidents to enhance the core competence of Zeus physicians.

With Zeus, at the click of a button you’ll be able to arrive at Whole Person Impairments, Diagnostic Related Estimate Categories, assess Specific Disorders of the Spine, conduct a Spine Impairment Summary and cite Diagnostic Based Injury Severity Types to enhance claim valuation by providing sufficient and complex data that other systems are not capable of doing.

  1. Zeusclaim Tutorial 
  2. 1191M Injury Model Level Examination Tutorial
  3. Zeus Decision Support System (DSS) Tutorial 
  4. How to Perform an IMV to Over-ride IME
  5. Authority Process To Win The Greater Weight Of The Evidence Challenges
  6. Accident “Injury Severity Types” And “Trauma Lines” 
  7. “Injury Severity Types” Case Settlement Reserves and Set-Aside Valuations
  8. 7 Concomitant “Injury Thresholds” that accompany hyper-flexion/extension Impacts


Become A Master Investigative Diagnostician over Competitors Commanding Attorney’s Respect & Referrals. 


Explanation of how to use Zeus to auto diagnose, assign impairment ratings  & document "Injury Severity Types" and "Trauma Lines" so the attorney can get paid the full "set-aside" case settlement reserve valuation and prevent getting low-balled: 


Tutorial on how to use Zeus to make up to 600 medical decisions to assist you to diagnosis the full spectrum of Injury Severity Types & Trauma Lines. With this enhanced core competence leading to increased case valuation, you will become the most sought after medical representative in your community.  


You Will Be The One Assisting Attorneys In Obtaining Higher Evaluations With These Injury Severity Types:


  1. AOMSI: Missed 65% of the time, this diagnosis carries a $66,000 Case Settlement Reserve. Zeus will auto populate the newly required TABLE format listing the; AMA Guide Edition, Chapter, Table, Page and Formula to compel the insurance company to pay at-or-near the reserve. You won't find this anywhere else! Lawyers will refer to you just for this.
  2.  MTBI's: Zeus will auto diagnose between Cerebral Contusion and the 4 different types of MTBI's that occur 95% of the time in low speed collisions and produce the preponderance of the evidence-based data to avoid disputes.
  3. Uncinate Process Fractures: This overlooked injury occurs when the head is turned during impact and is missed 95% of the time. Learn how to be the one in your medical community who is diagnosing this injury that occurs even at low speeds. Lawyers won't believe you find this high settlement reserve injury.
  4. Cervical Chain Ganglia Injury: An incredible number of symptoms have gone unexplained until you diagnose this injury. The 4 chain ganglia lay anterior within the 7 neck muscles. Zeus will assist you to detect when the ganglia are damaged during hyper-extension. Insurer's recognize and pay for these injury types when diagnosed.


  1. PTSD's: Zeus will auto-diagnose between 4 types of accident related PTSD as auto accidents have now replaced post-war stress as the leading cause of PTSD.
  2. Veterbrobasilar Insufficiency: Upon extension and rotation of the head during impact, crimping of the vertebral artery can occur adding valuation to the case. Zeus uncovers the hidden symptoms and assists you in the diagnosis. 
  3. Muscle Fatty Infiltrate: When there is AOMSI, there is muscle tissue damage to the neck muscles represented by morphological changes to the muscle cells seen on MRI.
  • Anatomical Features of & Injuries to the Cervical Spine & Ligaments
  • Functional Losses Accompanying Capsular Ligament Laxity in AOMSI
  • Chronic Neck Pain and Cervical Instability Associated With AOMSI 
  • AMA Guidelines to establish the Preponderance of Evidence-Based Data
  • Whole Person Impairment Rating  
  • DRE & DBI Categories
  • How To Make A Prognosis and MMI  For Each Individual Body Part Involved
  • Diagnosing Stable  VS Static Injuries
  • Prescribing Future Care Requirements of Stable Injuries
  • Understanding Current AOMSI Treatment Efficacy 
  • Patient Education About The Major Injury Severity Types
  • Attorney Education About The Major Injury Severity Types
  • AOMSI Documentation, References  & Exhibits for Attorney to Submit
  • Litigation Overview To Overcoming Low Valuation Obstacles
  • Establishing The Preponderance of Evidence
  • Eliminating Varying Medical Opinions 
  • Winning the Greater Weight Arguments
  • Validating Medical Determinations and Findings
  • Legal Representation Exhibits, References & Evidentiary Burdens Of Proof Of Injury
  • Producing A Report Following Court Authorities To Eliminate Disputes
  • Zeus Demand Formulator Software Available For Use By Attorneys

Business Development

Enhanced core competence brings enhanced business development. Zeus enhances the core competence of its users with its “Computer Aided Decision” making function that will make decisions the human mind can’t do and assemble the medical file to exchange complex data in the correct language, format & sequence to interface and input added valuation in a bodily injury (Colossus) claim! 

In today’s competitive environment, the goal is not to sell. The goal is to create public relations through education. We make available a coordinated, thoughtfully designed set of effective activities with objectives and strategic goals for you to create brand awareness to build your business, not available anywhere else.

Our business development program is designed to educate your medical-legal community as to your enhanced core competence. Towards this goal we provide a series of educational proprietary materials for the plaintiff’s attorneys in your community that consist of direct mail and e-mail campaigns as; our customized Magazines, e-Bulletins, letters, postcards, full color publications, SMS text messaging and we produce a series of video tutorials to educate your local attorneys of your Zeus core competence over competitors. 

The contact doesn’t stop and the education doesn’t end with your acquisition of Zeus. We provide the tools for you to enhance your visibility, momentum and increase overall respect and remain a consistent, predictable force in the medical-legal community through your Zeus core competence.

We created a long-term, forward-looking approach to strategic planning with the fundamental goal for our Zeus users to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage. You will not find this anywhere else.

Our positioning statement is: Don’t Sell Yourself, Educate Your Consumers!

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