What is AOMSI?

AOMSI is one of the highest rated and "severe" accident injuries by the AMA yet the most overlooked injury. The damage to the ligaments results in spinal instability or a loss of spinal integrity. AOMSI stands for: Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity. The human eye cannot detect its presence leading to it being missed 45% of the time. The AMA requires special medical software that is within 0.01 mm and 0.01 degrees of accuracy in detecting its presence. I am certified to diagnose, document and represent AOMSI injury for medical-legal valuation in injury claims.

Today, insurance companies recognize “Injury Severity Types” that constitute "Value Drivers" to determine settlement value. The terminology is based on the development of new “Cost Containment” software that all insurance companies use to contain costs - to keep settlement valuation to a minimum. It is imperative that the doctor is certified in certain procedures, language and formatting to exchange sufficient data and prevent disputes that lead to undervaluation of injury claims.

See: www.ligamentinjuryinstitute.com

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