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Co-Authorship AOMSI E-Book

Nothing can position you higher among your peers and competitors than authoring a medical book. We have created the opportunity for you to work with Dr. Frank Liberti to be a contributing author with him on any one or all of our series of five books.

When attorneys learn that their clients may have injuries with high settlement valuations that are being misdiagnosed, they will want to learn of the injuries and be connected to the doctor who detect these injuries in their clients.

For example: 

When they discover that AOMSI has a case settlement reserve of $66,000.00 and that 45% of their clients are being misdiagnosed, coupled with the knowledge that you are a contributing author of the book entitled: The $66,000 Neck Injury. And How Not To Be Misdiagnosed….with your expertise on this subject, they will refer their injury clients to you to diagnose AOMSI. 

When attorneys discover that uncinate process fractures are misdiagnosed and have a case settlement reserve of the full policy coverage limit, coupled with the knowledge that  you are a contributing author of:  “Turning Your Head During  An Accident. Could Fracture Your Neck”, nothing can position you higher among your peers and competitors than authoring a medical book on the subject.

This is a rare opportunity to enhance existing attorney relationships and create new attorney relationships as you become the BRANDS and  rise to celebrity status in your medical-legal community that only authoring a medical-legal boon can do along with creating Top Of Mind Awareness ( TOMA). 

It’s all about gaining the competitive edge and enhancing your visibility, momentum and increased overall respect by creating a niche where others aren't going. 

NOTICE: This is a unique opportunity that also places a restriction on zip code  territories so there are no overlapping contributing authors in the same medical-legal community. We regret that not everyone will be able to participate in this program. 

Don't be the one to be overlooked in your community as this is offered on a first come basis. We reserve the right of first refusal to vetted Zeus claim users. 


AOMSI E-Book Contributing Author Program
only available with full concierge marketing package: $1750.00



Uncinate Process E-Book Contributing Author Program
available without full concierge marketing package: $699.00

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