Attorney Introductory Data Page for AOMSI Ligament Injury


  • AOMSI Injury is missed 45% of the time
  • Case Settlement Valuation set-aside @ $66,000.00


A Former Superintendent Of Insurance At Allstate, James Mathis States;

All State assigns a $66,000.00 case settlement reserve for AOMSI Diagnosis 


Attorney Steven Eggleston States;

Failure to diagnose AOMSI results is failure to accurately, thoroughly and honestly describe the patient's injuries to the claim adjusters and attorneys, who will use this fact in the patient chart as the basis for the personal-injury settlement.  A jury needs to understand this injury to decide how much to award the patient in a trial verdict.

The loss of this diagnosis leads to a loss of the valuation of the case.


Our Mission: 

To provide physicians and attorneys access to this diagnostic procedure to establish the A.M.A. Guides evidence-based data to meet regulatory requirements to prove the veracity of this injury -or- rule out its presence..

For free information to thoroughly represent this injury or to locate a doctor nearest you who can diagnose this injury severity type and to receive an outline of compelling language to give cause to adjusters to admit this injury as evidence, register on this site.



Most doctors did not even screen patients for AOMSI prior because it required manual measurements on x-ray films done by the human eye that carried an error rate of 26%– until now. 

Given the high amount of mis-diagnosis of this injury, whenever it is suspect that there is a greater than 50% reasonable medical probability that the motor vehicle accident could damage any of the 7 ligaments of the spine and with the knowledge that it has been missed 35% to 55% of the time, doctors and attorneys are ordering the diagnostic radiographic mensuration analysis (DRMA) procedure on accident victims. 


DRMAPro, LLC is:

  • Compliant with AMA Guidelines to determine torn, ruptured and lax spinal ligaments 
  • Utilizes precise measurement performed by specialized computer analysis 
  • Measurement performed according to 5th and 6th Edition AMA Guides 
  • Computer analysis accurate to within 0.01 mm and 0.01 degrees 
  • Basically negligible error rate     


About Spinal Ligament Tear:

  • CPT Code M24.20:
  • This injury severity type is referred to as “Alteration Of Motion Segment Integrity” or (AOMSI)
  • One of the highest rated “Injury Severity Types” recognized by the AMA
  • The AMA Guides state that AOMSI is a rare occurrence without severe trauma


According to The AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition;

  • AOMSI is in the exact same category as a severe spinal vertebral compression fracture with vertebral collapse of more than 50% and congenital/surgical spinal fusion 
  • When overlooked, it may lead to the injured returning to activity that may further injure or damage the cervical spine
  • This injury could cause significant, consequential and permanent loss of function leading to a reduction in a patient's health status
  • If undetected, this injury can have dire consequences to the injured  
  • AOMSI falls within the Diagnostic Related Estimate Category (DRE )Category 4
  • Assigned a 25% Whole Person Impairment
  • Case Settlement Reserve @ $66,000.00


For a list of DRMAPro physicians certified to diagnose AOMSI, click the physician directory.

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